When Should You Replace or Repair Washing Machine?

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When should you replace or repair washing machine

When Should You Replace or Repair Washing Machine?

To Repair or Replace Your Washing Machine?

For most people, a washing machine is more than just an appliance. It takes care of the mundane task of doing laundry so users can focus on more important chores.

The thing is, no matter how great your washing machine, there will come a time when it’ll fail to work at full capacity. This is especially true if the one you have now has already provided you with several years of solid use.

If you’ve been experiencing a few issues and you’re unsure whether to look for washing machine repairs in Adelaide or get a complete replacement, this article may help. Read on.

Common Washing Machine Problems

In some cases, you may be able to fix washing machine issues on your own. But remember that it’s still best to seek help from experienced technicians to avoid doing further damage.

Here are some of the common washing machine problems to watch out for:

  • Washing machine makes strange sounds
  • Water doesn’t drain
  • Basket spins slowly or not at all
  • Washer stops mid cycle

Common Dryer Problems

Your dryers could also be a source of headaches in case of a malfunction. Take a look at the telltale signs of a failing dryer, which can help you get dryer repairs in Adelaide as soon as possible:

  • Dryer won’t start
  • Dryer doesn’t heat
  • The dryer makes noise while in use
  • Dryer isn’t tumbling
  • Clothes take too long to dry

To Repair Or To Replace?

One of the first questions that’ll pop into your mind when your laundry machine malfunctions are whether to call for washer repairs in Adelaide or get a new one.

Here are a few more questions that can guide you with just that:

How Much Will The Appliance Repair Cost?

Take into account how much time, effort, and money you’ll spend on the logistics of buying a new washing machine. If the store offers free delivery and installation, then a replacement could be a great solution. Weigh in all expense factors, which could tell you if a repair is a better option.

Is Your Current Washing Machine Energy Efficient?

Old washing machines are less energy-efficient, which could be a source of your rising utility bill. Switching to a newer, more energy-efficient unit could save you money for the long haul.

Have You Been Maintaining Your Washing Machine Properly?

There are cases when an appliance breaks down because of overlooked maintenance routines. This doesn’t mean you instantly need to get a new one. Repairing a tiny problem and getting back into regular maintenance can help extend the life of your washing machine.

If you opt for washer repairs in Adelaide, be sure to look for a reliable appliance repair technician that can follow through with your needs. This is where Express Washing Machine Repairs can help. We can provide you with solid same day repair solutions. Click here to get a FREE quote today.