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Maytag Washing Machine Repairs Adelaide

Maytag have both front & top loading washing machines. The company reckons their units are built to last and can handle the heaviest and dirtiest washing loads. And that may be true. But sadly even the best and strongest machines can develop problems. They may only be minor issues but unless attended to by a professional and the sooner the better, then such a minor problem can turn into a bigger problem. Not to worry. Dealing with best washer & dryer repairs in Adelaide will have you back in control in next to no time at all.

Different Problems Can Arise

It’s possible that your washer or dryer will operate sluggishly. It still works but struggles. Or it could come to a shuddering halt. Your bearings could work themselves loose, your spinner may jam or your casing may become cracked. These are only some of the possible breakdown issues which is why you need an expert to analyse what wrong and, of course, to fix it properly.


For all sorts of reasons, Express Washing Machine Repairs Services in Enfield offers everyone in Adelaide and its suburbs, the most professional service. Note the many outstanding benefits on offer from this popular business.

  • Service all suburbs of Adelaide
  • Service all makes and models of washers and dryers
  • 12 months warranty on all repairs
  • No call-out fee
  • Family owned and operated business
  • More than 20 years experience
  • Vast majority of jobs carried out on site
  • Fully trained professionals, friendly too
  • Available 24/7
  • Pensioner discounts

To be without your washer or dryer (or come to think of it, your fridge as well) is a real pain. Being able to use the quality service from Express Washing Machine services means a quick end to your woes.

Give them a call today – 0422833475