How To Tell If Your Washing Machine Is Broken

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How to Tell if Your Washing Machine Is Broken

How To Tell If Your Washing Machine Is Broken

Washing machines are one of the most essential appliances at home which homeowners often only give importance to when something is already wrong. What you need to remember is that your trusty washing machine needs regular maintenance to keep it in perfect working condition.

Signs That Your Washing Machine Is Broken

If you don’t want to incur emergency washer repairs in Adelaide, here is a short list of signs that tell your washing machine may be on the brink of a breakdown.

The Machine Makes Loud Noises

An imbalanced load, overloading, or improper position of the washer drum are typically the cause of loud noises from your washer, which is in conjunction with shifting or movement.

You could try reducing the load or rearranging the clothing inside your washer to see if that fixes the problem. If not, you may want to call for an experienced technician to take a thorough look at the washing machine drum.

The Machine Starts To Leak

If you notice leaks or pools of water around your washer and they’re not because of damage or loose hose connections, it’s high time to call for qualified technician help. This could mean that the drainpipe is broken, thus needing immediate professional repair.

The Machine Won’t Agitate Or Spin

A washer that won’t agitate may be a result of a blockage. The motor overload protector may have affected the spin mechanism, the belt may be damaged or there may be an electronic failure. Reach out to reliable technicians to deal with the problem right away.

The Machine Won’t Drain

Most cases of washing machines that fail to drain water are often caused by a small piece of clothing that got jammed into the drain line or associated hoses. While this may sound like a simple problem that can be easily fixed DIY-style, you’ll need the tools of a professional, especially if the clog isn’t visible or isn’t easy to reach. In this case, there could be something wrong with your washer’s pump and it may need immediate replacement.

The Machine Won’t Start At All

If you notice your washing machine not turning on at all, there may be a problem with the lid switch, timer, or electrical connection.

While there are instances where you can take care of a washer issue by yourself, keep in mind that it’s dangerous and illegal to work with electricity if you don’t have proper training or the required technical skills. Seek professional washing machine repairs in Adelaide right away.

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